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Fujairah City Tour

Pic up from your hotel or your location to this easy day tour is your perfect introduction to the scenery and heritage of the Emirates! One of many wonders awaiting you is the great harbor at Fujairah – an important site for maritime trade and settlement since pre-Islamic times. Fujairah also has the oldest mosque in the UAE.

You’ll pass to reach the famous Friday market   that it is open seven days a week, is found on the Dubai-Fujairah Road as you approach Masafi. The main items to bargain for are rugs, earthenware, antiques and souvenirs.This is a great place to buy carpets, mats, shrubs  then going to Masafi area with wonderful mountains . Thereafter proceeding to Fujairah fort The fort, which changes colour between deep orange and light brown depending on the location of the sun, Fujairah Fortbuilt in 1670, was badly damaged by a British attack in the early 20th C. Considered the oldest fort in the UAE, it has served as a defensive. Then visit Fujairh museum . and will go to al Al Bidiyah mousque
. It is the oldest known mosque in the United Arab Emirates. located in Al Bidiyah small village in Dibba. After the mousque will continue passing from Khorfkhan Beach. End of tour drop back to your hotel or residence in Dubai.




Pic up between: 8:00 am, to:  9:00 am
starting tour: 9:00 am – 17:00 (8 hours)

Days:  Thuesday

Adult: US.$63
Child: US.$43

Rate for (German, Russian, Spanish or Portuguese guide)

Adult: 85 US. $       Child: 69 US. $